Tecno Antena Sistemas was created in 1992, due to the market's demand for a specialized company for professional installation and maintenance of cable and satellite networks.

Nowadays, Tecno Antena Sistemas is focused on professional RF market, involving satellite communications with parabolic antennae of medium and great size, as well as VSAT networks, point to point ground links, TV and Radio stations...

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Tecno Antena Sistemas, from its offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Segovia and Tenerife covers the whole spanish territory, with a large experience, from the beginning, in ocassional satellite TV reception (TVRO) for different spanish and foreigner operators on many events, with up to 200 simultaneous reception points.

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To be able to provide this kind of services, we stock installation material, including Tx/Rx antennae, LNBs, transceivers, TV professional receivers, mounts, wires. ..

Furthermore, Tecno Antena Sistemas, while being a spanish company, has taken part on international projects abroad, in Europe, Asia and Southamerica.

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Among our customers, we can find most of satellite, TV, radio and telcom operators, besides many integrators. Therefore, we have accumulated a large experience on many different projects as:

- Implementation and maintenance of VSAT networks.

- Satellite reception networks for TV, radio and data broadcasters.

- Big size parabolic antennae both for transmitting and receiving, and both fixed and motorized.

- Television and cable headends.

- Structured cable infraestructures.

- Civil work associated to installations.