ASC Signal


asc signal

ASC Signal is a major manufacturer of commercial earth station antennas and systems.

ASC Signal offers antenna sizes range from 3.5 to 9.4 meters and include a choice of C, K, Ka, Ku, X-band, receive-transmit and receive-only feed configurations.

asc signal

Optional equipment includes motor drive systems, controllers and anti-icing systems. Type Approved models are available for INTELSAT®, Eutelsat, AsiaSat, PanAmSat, ApStar, and Russian Homologation.

Antenna catalog:

3.5 m K or Ka-band

3.6 m Pedestal

3.7 m Manual Pipe

3.7 m Pedestal

3.7 m Trifold

3.9 m Trifold

4.5 m Tripod

4.5 m Pedestal

4.6 m Trifold

4.9 m Quad Band

5.6 m

5.6 m Ka-band

7.3 m

7.6 m C or X-band

7.6 m Ku or K-band

8.1 m Ka-band

9.3 m Dual Reflector

9.4 m C or Ku-band

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