SOLBTX – Transmisor Broadcast

The domo SOLO Broadcast Transmitter is a rugged digital video transmitter, ideal for sports and news links applications. The SOLO broadcast transmitter is small and low powered enough to facilitate easy connection in any broadcast application.

The SOLO Broadcast Transmitter incorporates a high quality MPEG encoder, with a compliant DVB-T modulator and 100mW RF up-converter into a single low power consumption package. The unit is equipped with SDI (optional) and composite video interfaces, as well as ASI interfaces for easy connectivity to third party equipment.

The SOLO Broadcast Transmitter is ideal for use in locations such as stadiums, and studios, or mounted in vehicles at sports events.

Security of the transmission can be ensured using the optional embedded AES128/256 encryption.

SOLBRXD – Broadcast Receptor Decodificador

domoSOLO Broadcast Receiver Decoder is an economical high quality diversity input digital video receiver.

Supporting interoperation with other manufacturers DVBT systems and able to receive the domo transmitter family. The SOLO Broadcast Receiver incorporates a fully compliant DVBT COFDM diversity demodulator, with a compliant MPEG2 decoder, and high quality interfaces such as SDI video. The SOLO Broadcast Receiver is equipped with two antenna inputs with external down-converters to allow antenna placement remote from the
receiver housing.

The SOLO Broadcast Receiver operates a maximum ratio combining digital diversity; ensuring video is recovered free from distortions typically associated with fading and multipath.